Taylor Method Events

Rise to the Top Sales Symposium

In the insurance and financial services industry, finding success and surviving can be challenging. This event lays out the groundwork to not just survive, but thrive in this business with the language and process of Top of the Table producer Eszylfie Taylor.

See what the attendees from this sales symposium had to say about Eszylfie Taylor and the sales method that makes him one of the top 1% of advisors worldwide.

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Who is this event good for?

Managers who want to onboard new agents with a roadmap and the language to succeed.

Existing Agents who need a shot in the arm or a refresher on language and process that works.

1The Journey to the Top


What does it take to be successful in this business? I will share with you my journey and how I break down goals to win the day! "The Need-based sale versus The Greed-based sale," and the specific language to use in each situation. The 4 personality types that you can expect to encounter in your client meetings and how to handle them. Do you know your "Value of Scheduled Appointments?" And finally, the tremendous opportunity this industry provides us. Do you know how lucky you are?

2The Approach and Fact Find


A dive into what The Taylor Method is and digging deeper into The Approach and Fact Find stages of the sales process. How do you get in front of more prospects? We'll cover the 6 ways in which I prospect, I'll show you how to Prospect Up, and the specific language I use to ask for qualified referrals. In the Fact Find, we'll discuss the keys to getting clients to open up by using a solutions based approach and avoiding selling products at ALL COSTS!

3The Opportunity and The Close


Within the way they have answered your questions, where are the opportunities for the sale? I'll show you how to avoid missing sales that are staring you dead in the face, and some strategies and examples of actual cases. For the close, I'll give you language that moves clients to action.



What's your ideal market / clientele? What's the biggest mistake I've made? Mentors and why it's important to have them. Closing remarks!