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Utilize any of the 20 financial calculators to help illustrate concepts for prospects and clients.

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Fact Finder

Create, edit, and save your fact finders electronically for better record keeping. For Platinum users, added feature of Fact Finder Analyzer is available, which includes an opportunities analysis of your fact finder with Eszylfie Taylor, or an equally qualified, Top of the Table advisor.

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This is the essential tool for all advisors. If you are not using email marketing or social media marketing, then you’re missing out on interactions with potential clients. MarketingPro helps you automate these activities. The Taylor Method and MarketingPro partnership gives you access to these resources and more at a deeply discounted price.

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Ask The Experts

To be a successful financial advisor, one needs to develop a wide web of relationships with professionals from complementary industries. Ask The Experts is a collection of trusted industry professionals, ranging from estate planning attorneys, CPAs, Video Marketers, and more.

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