The Method

"The Method" is where you will find all of the sales training materials, in the form of videos, audios, webinars, coaching calls, and an ebook.


The true genesis of The Taylor Method. Throughout his career, Eszylfie Taylor has mentored hundreds of advisors, and he realized that most of them had the same issues, which meant he was constantly repeating himself in the process of helping them. So, he wrote everything down. This turned into the first iteration of The Taylor Method, and has since ballooned into a book full with his sales process, language, and case studies.

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Personal Coaching

If you want to be personally coached by a Top of the Table advisor, you can get a 30 minute, recorded call each month. The calls are then posted to your account for access at any time, and you can also take notes and schedule your next call. Coaching is personalized to the needs of each advisor. Mr. Taylor will help you figure out a game plan to reach your goals. With over 20,000 client meetings in his career, there is no question, concern, or objection he hasn’t heard and answered.

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Training Materials

Here you will find close to 100 training videos, searchable by keywords, and organized by stages of the sales cycle - Approach, Fact Find, Opportunity, and Close.

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Presentation Collateral

Video tutorials for presentations you can download and white-label as your own. Powerful presentations on Planned Giving and Life Insurance as an Asset Class are among those that are the most watched videos on our site.

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