Sales coaching for Financial advisors

Sales Coaching For Financial Advisors – The Complete Guide

Great salespeople aren’t born – they’re made. Imagine if you could spend less time on “footwork” and more time closing big deals. That’s precisely what the best financial advisors do because they have a powerful tool to get out of sales droughts: a sales coach. Discover the best sales coaching program and master your craft by following this guide.

The results are in: coaching is proven to be the most effective way of increasing sales quota attainment (Harvard Business Review).

That’s not all

A recent study by Sales Readiness Group in conjunction with Selling Power revealed that sales reps who closed more than 75% of deals got coaching. In fact, with excellent coaching, 94.8% of reps unleashed their inner potential and made giant leaps forward, selling as much as they could as compared to 84.5% when coaching is just okay.


Sales coaching is the “Miracle Grow” of productivity investments with incredible ROI. It helps you increase the number of clients, close more deals, and crush your goals faster in ways you never thought possible!

Sounds terrific, right? It is.

Now that you know that sales coaching works, it’s time to get down to business!

What does it mean? How can you get the best from it?

What Is Sales Coaching?

Sales coaching is like a personal trainer for sales: It is a strategic one-on-one process that improves performance by building up your strengths, helping you set clear goals, boosting confidence, and ultimately driving you to achieve consistent sales results. 

Here’s how it works:

The idea behind sales coaching is that you need someone who has already been there and done that to help you get there faster. If you’ve never sold anything before, you may not even know where to start!

An effective sales coaching program led by an experienced “done-it-all’ ACTIVE Million Dollar Round Table Top of the Table producer can help financial advisors diagnose any deficiencies in their performance, define action steps, and review progress along the way, so they know exactly where to focus their efforts. 

A coach will also work with you every step until you can take greater ownership of everything in your financial services practice and improve outcomes for yourself and your clients like never before!

One more thing to think about…

Let’s face it: you’re pretty good at many things, but you’re not perfect. And that’s OKAY! Sometimes, when you do it alone, it’s hard to know what you can do to improve. It’s much easier to take a step back, look with a fresh perspective, and figure out where you can improve when you get a little help.

So if you want to take your career to the next level, a sales coaching program is one surefire way to rewrite your story.

But when it comes to getting results, not all financial advisor sales coaching programs are created equal. So how do you know which one is best for you?

Based on decades of sales coaching experience, The Taylor Method is a tried and true method of sales coaching designed specifically for financial advisors, where out-of-the-box yet effective sales techniques have been packaged into an easy-to-follow course that is actually ‘worth its weight in gold.’ 

FYI: It’ll teach you step-by-step how to book more appointments, uncover every deficiency, and close more deals—without cornering yourself into objections you cannot handle!

Clients love it. Advisors love it. It’s not just a gimmick; read on to find out why.

The Taylor Method: A Proven Coaching System That Works To Improve The Sales Performance Of Financial Advisors

Fun Fact: The Taylor Method was developed by Eszylfie Taylor, an  ACTIVE Million Dollar Round Table Top of the Table producer. and has been used by many of the top producers in our country. It’s a proven formula for success and one that you can use to take your financial services business to new heights in 2022 and beyond.

So what is the Taylor Method? 

Simply put, it’s an organized sales system that provides the “language” for selling financial advice at all levels of the sales cycle.

It’s a step-by-step system that helps you:

  • Discover high-value prospecting strategies;
  • Develop a compelling value proposition that resonates with your audience;
  • Ask fact-finding questions that boost your chances creating multiple sale opportunities; 
  • Create irresistible marketing materials that get prospects to respond to YOU;
  • Overcome FEAR of approaching high-net-worth individuals;
  • Unlock more sales opportunities;
  • Think outside the box to craft solutions that compel clients to act.

What Makes The Taylor Method Different?

It corrects one major myth that’s held many advisors back from achieving their true potential:

The myth is that you must be a master salesperson to succeed in this business. You have to know how to “sell” to make sales. It is a myth because it’s not true. All you have to do is “become a solutions provider,” and your prospects will buy from you.

This leads us to one of the most critical aspects of the Taylor Method Coaching Program:

The “objection-free sales process”. It doesn’t just help you develop a line of questioning that nips objections in the bud before then can arise, but it also helps you pinpoint the areas of planning that your clients need the most help with right now.. You can then focus on those areas instead of trying to sell something that isn’t necessary at this time or place in their life.

By implication, even if you suck at sales or think you don’t have the “persona,” you won’t have any problems making sales using this method irrespective of your level of experience because it works for anyone who knows how to listen and ask questions effectively (which can be learned).

A Peek At The Inner-Workings Of The Taylor Method Sales Coaching

You’ll agree that the perfect meal is iterative. You start with a base of rice or bread, add some protein and vegetables, then top it off with a delicious sauce or dressing. The same goes for sales coaching. The Taylor Method is based on years of research and experimentation to create a simple yet powerful coaching system.

The Taylor Method works by taking each step in the sales process and breaking it down into manageable chunks that are easy to learn, apply, and master. This allows you to build on your existing skills while getting better at each step along the way.

The benefit of this approach is that you don’t have to learn everything at once; instead, you can focus on one step at a time until you’re ready to move on to the next step. This way, you avoid burnout because you’re not trying to master everything at once!

At its core, it comprises four phases:

The Approach (Prospecting): Prospecting is where all great salespeople start their day by identifying prospects who could benefit from their product or service — then connecting with them. Prospecting isn’t easy. It’s a hard job that few advisors enjoy doing. For this phase, you’ll learn efficient strategies and proven, time-tested methods to get more names into your pipeline quickly. All you have to do is follow this step-by-step plan and start getting new prospects in your calendar. The best part? The techniques are repeatable, thus ensuring you never run dry of prospects.

The Fact Find: To sell the right way, you need to understand what prospects and potential clients want and what problems they want to be solved. At this point, you’ll be taught how to implement fact-finding interviews that will enable you to find out what your prospects’ pain points are – and by the time you’ve finished questioning, your prospects will be the ones telling you what’s wrong with their current situation and how badly they want an alternative. Additionally, with the help of this coaching, you’ll be able to anticipate objections, counter them before they hit, and close more deals than ever.

The Opportunity: There’s no need to waste time beating around the bush. Here you’ll learn a unique process that’ll help you find every opportunity for a sale as fast as possible.

The Close: It’s not just about ideas here – we’ll help you skip the crappy sales pitches and show you exactly how to help your clients understand the value of your solution, so your prospect finds it irresistible to say “yes” and become your client.

The Best Sales Coaching Is Not One-Size-Fits-All: What Are Your Options?

The biggest problem with the one-size-fits-all approach is that it doesn’t consider each client’s unique needs. The Taylor Method isn’t like these other sales coaching programs built around a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s designed to accommodate you as an individual and your specific situation. What works for one person might not work for another, so different options are available depending on the type of financial advisor you are and the stage in your career. This is the key to getting the most out of your coaching investment.

The Taylor Method offers:

A subscription Plan: An easy-to-use, interactive, and self-guided learning solution for an advisor to build core competencies and learn at their own pace. You can cancel at any time if you don’t want to continue paying; however, most people find it beneficial long term because they have access to a group of fellow professionals asking questions and sharing their insights. 

Virtual Workshops: The best option for financial advisors looking for coaching that provides personal attention, guidance, accountability, and structure. The perfect medium between classroom training and self-paced learning, interactive bootcamps can provide a real-life approach that focuses on hands-on, immersive learning. Smaller class sizes mean you get more coaching and role play with real-life scenarios.

The Verdict: What Advisors Are Saying About Sales Coaching 

You might be thinking, “Hey, this is nice and all, but I’ve seen all these types of things before.”

So, what is the best way to validate a sales coaching program?

The best way to validate them is by looking at their results and feedback from their customers before or after the coaching. 

Here’s what financial advisors have to say about The Taylor Method:

“…went from Top 500 to Top 11 at my company in 90 days.”

– David Hausdorff.

“6x increase in overall production in less than 6 months… made Top of the Table for the first time in my 9 year career!”

– Andrew Mortenson.

“13x improvement in my life insurance production in less than 2 months.”

– Johnathan Burgess.

“…up 125% in life insurance production in 6 months.”

– John Lytell

What conclusion can be drawn from these testimonials?

The answer is simple: Well, the first and most important conclusion is that coaching works. And the coaching system of The Taylor Method is one of the best ways to grow your business. Meaning that if you are a financial advisor and want to take your business to the next level, then this is your chance.

Final Words: Sign-Up For Sales Coaching For Financial Advisors

The world’s most elite athletes all have one thing in common: a coach. So, just as it is evident that an elite athlete would not climb to the top of their game without a high-quality coach, neither can most financial advisors progress to the top without a mentor.

Still struggling with whether or not sales coaching is worth it?

Here are some of the things you’ll achieve when you sign-up for the Taylor Method today:

  • Your productivity, case rate, and average case size will all increase.
  • Your confidence will grow as you master the language and process of “selling” financial solutions.
  • You will receive personalized coaching from an ACTIVE, MDRT Top of the Table producer.

And most importantly…

  • You will make the money you want by learning how to prospect up to high-net-worth individuals.

If this sounds like what you need, sign-up today!

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Eszylfie Taylor is the founder and president of Taylor Insurance and Financial Services and the Creator of The Taylor Method, his online sales system for financial advisors. He attended Concordia University on a basketball scholarship and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. Prior to founding his own brokerage, he was a standout financial advisor at New York Life, finishing his career there as the highest producing advisor in the history of the African American market.

Mr. Taylor has been a Million Dollar Round Table Top of the Table producer since 2011, which places him in the top 1% of advisors worldwide. In 2015, he was the recipient of NAIFA’s Advisor Today Top 4 Under Forty award. Today, as an active advisor, he continues to build on the sales language, concepts, and tips that contribute to the curriculum on The Taylor Method.