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The Most Effective Sales Training For Financial Advisors (2022)

What comes after “Build it and they will come”? What happens when your potential clients don’t just magically appear before you are ready to sign a contract? You have to be willing to embrace a certain amount of uncertainty, roll up your sleeves, and go out there and find them. Learn how successful financial advisors find more clients, make more money, and get the desired results.

Fret no more, my ambitious advisor: I have some ultimate insider info on the most effective sales training program for financial advisors that will make you fall in love with the investment game all over again.

You know what they say: “time is money.” So let’s get started ASAP on this exciting journey together!

TL;DR: The Most Effective Sales Training For Financial Advisors In 2022 (And Beyond)

Here’s the secret:

It’s all about technique. There’s a methodology for selling insurance and financial products which can be learned. Success in marketing and sales is no accident. Those who find success have a system they follow religiously. If you do that, you can be a lousy salesman, yet you’ll fill a pipeline of prospects willing to jump off a cliff for you.

But not just any system.

You need one that is proven to work. 

So, if you’re tired of the cold calls and bad leads (and no sales), take comfort in knowing there is a way out of this mess.

No ifs. No buts. Just life-changing results – in as short a time as a few weeks!

The Taylor Method ticks all these boxes (and even more)!

About The Taylor Method

The Taylor Method is a proven, industry-changing training for financial advisors that equip them with specific techniques and “languages” in four critical phases of the sales cycle that will skyrocket their sales in the most efficient manner possible. More than anything, we’re a community of inspired and effective financial advisors who learn, practice, and use these tools to pass them on to you.

Why Financial Advisors Choose The Taylor Method To Help Them Sell More And Make More

What’s its advantage over other training courses?

It’s built to challenge your assumptions.

We don’t teach you to fake your way through the game. And we don’t teach our clients the art of manipulation so they can get the best deals without regard to morality, honesty, and integrity.

Our philosophy may surprise you. It is creative and downright unconventional:

We provide the tenets to help you leave lasting impressions on prospects and clients. And you know what they say – such impressions are impossible to forget. By learning this way of selling and using this system, you’ll be able to command respect and charge what you’re worth (for fee-based advisors).

Most importantly, the results speak for themselves!

The Taylor Method would help you get to the heart of what inspires people to open up and buy. It has helped tens of thousands of advisors (veterans and newbies alike) around the world strengthen their skills and relationships with their clients, resulting in improved bottom lines. For example, David Hausdorff went from top 500 to top 11 at his company in 90 days. John Lytell increased his life insurance production by 125% in 6 months. Johnathan Burgess showed 13x improvement in his life insurance production in less than two months, while Andrew Mortenson made 6x his increase in overall production in less than six months and made Top of the Table for the first time in his nine-year career!

Want results like this? Then:

Take Advantage Of The Best Training For Financial Advisors

Odds are, you’re a financial advisor—either that or you’re thinking about becoming one. Either way, you know how important it is to learn from the best training available, and we’ve got just the thing – sign-up now!

Why Sales Training For Financial Advisors Is An Absolute Necessity

The market for financial advisors is booming. According to this publication, the S&P Global Market Intelligence revealed that the US insurance industry recorded $1.4 trillion in net premiums written, with life/annuity insurers recording 47% and property/casualty insurers accounting for 53% in 2021.

With developments like that, I’d say this is the best time to be alive if you are a financial advisor.

But, I’ll be honest with you: 

Even though I’m an active Million-dollar Round Table Top of the Table producer, it’s not always easy to close a sale – a license to sell isn’t enough these days.

I know what you’re thinking. ‘If people are dying to pay for insurance, how hard could the sales process be?’ If you’ve ever tried to “give someone a piece of paper” and have it come back signed, you know there’s much more to this than meets the eye.

It’s 2022, and the consumer is in charge. 

Gone are the days when consumers walk into their bank or talk to their financial advisor and were sold anything without having done their research first. Now that the internet is here, your potential client can easily find information and your competition online.

Think about it: What do you want when you buy a new car or a computer? The best deal, right? Of course, you do! Every consumer wants the best deal on the best product.

When consumers decide which financial advisor to hire, they want the same thing–and often, they’re just as confused! They don’t know how to tell one financial advisor from another. That’s why they look for clues that help them figure out which are actually good and which aren’t worth their time.

That’s where effective sales training for financial advisors comes in.

In fact, I will go as far as to say that investing to become better at sales is essential to the success of anyone employed in the financial advisory industry.


Because not even the most perceptive of fortune tellers can predict the constant changes in the industry. Old sales and marketing are yesterday’s news. 

As the times change, so must our mindset on sales. Financial advisors should look towards innovating new methods of connecting with their customers to stay ahead of the curve.

And just as a perfectly baked cake can make a person’s day, an advisor who takes the time to become fully prepared will most likely secure more clients.

Accordingly, here is all you need to know about the most effective sales training program (online) for financial advisors and why it is worthwhile.

Effective Sales Training Can Get Your Foot In The Door With Up To 99% Success Rate

Yeah, I get it. I’ve been in the shoes of other financial advisors, going out there trying to make it happen. I was reaching inboxes and voicemails. Getting turned down, rejected, and ignored. 

But here’s the truth:

Selling Financial Services Is Not Easy!

Oh, sure, it seems like everyone would be lining up to hand you their money if they only knew what kind of financial planning wizard you are. But we all know that just ain’t true.

In reality, sales are an essential part of being a financial advisor.

It’s just sales. Right? Definitely not!

Selling has been a dirty word for advisors for years. The idea of sales can leave you feeling: icky, creepy, or slimy (insert your least favorite word here)! Yet, without sales, we would have nothing. So please understand – as counterintuitive as it may seem, selling financial services is, at its core, a helping profession.

But can anyone see you in the crowd of financial planning professionals even if you have the best intentions? 

Unless you clearly and consistently demonstrate that you have the knowledge, capability, and desire to help others, no one will come. Very few will even be interested in what you have to say.

And even when potential clients approach your firm, they will not instantly see how the services they’re buying will improve their lives. So, it’s up to you to lead the sales process and take the initiative to educate them about their financial situation. 

That’s not all:

The sales cycle in financial services doesn’t end once you get them to sign the application – it goes on until everything is approved, placed, and funds are transferred. It ends only after the client has implemented a successful financial plan that takes them to their financial goal(s). You have to battle through the confusions and frustrations – better known as objections – of your clients to meet their needs satisfactorily. And these would require you to understand how to “sell” them on the solutions to their problems.

But your guess is as good as mine:

Despite being a “solutions provider,” it is probably just as hard as selling socks to fish trying to help your prospects and clients. In other words, you might have difficulty selling your services until you know what selling points you can highlight.

But don’t worry, the solution is simple. 

With the right training, you can overcome this roadblock. 

Here’s why:

The Essentials To A “Guaranteed To Work” Sales Training Program For Financial Advisors

Remember what your mother told you about not judging a book by its cover? In some situations, particularly if it is a sales training program, you should hold yourself to this standard of conduct. 

I say this because not all sales training programs are created equal. Some offer limited value, while others can help you exceed your business goals. And the Taylor Method is one of those that fits into the latter.

It will teach you the skills that are vital to becoming a master at selling insurance and other financial services solutions to clients.

These essential elements are:

Prospecting strategies that solve the biggest challenge most advisors face in this business – name flow!

Prospecting is the lifeblood of a financial advisor’s business. If you don’t have prospects, you don’t have clients. 

However, prospecting can be difficult for many people, and it can be downright painful for some advisors. They spend their days dialing for dollars, cold calling and sending out countless emails that go unanswered. They are stuck in a vicious cycle draining their energy and making them miserable.

The “Approach” as thought in the Taylor Method solves this problem beautifully.

The Approach is based on a simple idea – high quality prospecting strategies are available to everyone. It solves the number 1 issue financial advisors have that forces them to quit the business – not seeing enough prospects!

It doesn’t matter if you use any commonly known traditional prospecting methods – referrals, networking, cold calling, or buying leads. The Approach offers an easy-to-follow system that allows you to build relationships based on trust and goodwill, giving you an edge over other advisors focused on selling products instead of helping clients solve their problems.

That’s not all:

It also teaches little-known (or seldomly used) prospecting techniques such as “Personal Observation” and “Centers of Influence.” For example, by using personal observation, yours truly was able to close a quarter million dollars worth of deals based on chance encounters at the park with my kids, a baseball game, and even in the line at a grocery store. However, the gist is this: many advisors would have missed out here because, “Oh, I’m not in a suit and tie” or “This is not the office.”

And that’s where the Taylor Method’s sales training comes into play. Aside from “personal observation,” we teach 3 other high quality prospecting strategies.

You’ll be surprised at how easily people will give you business if you know how to get in front of them and ask. Remember, ask, and you shall receive!

So, what next after knowing how to fill your pipeline with prospects?

A process that will guide you through fact-finding interviews and how to quell objections before they arise

We all want to help, but sometimes the words that come from our mouths don’t pull the strings and make customers into clients.

For example, if you are selling financial planning services and you ask prospects: “What are your financial goals?” most people will answer with something like: “I want to be able to retire by 65.” 

But what does that mean? How does one go about achieving that goal? What are the steps involved in reaching it? If a prospect wants to retire early but hasn’t saved enough money yet, what should he do? Should he increase his savings rate? Should he invest more aggressively? Should he reduce his expenses by moving somewhere cheaper? Should he start a side business or sell his home to make extra money?

When uncovering these details, most advisors get stuck because they don’t know how to continue the conversation after asking their initial question. 

The solution is simple: 

Asking questions (well, knowing how to ask the right question) is a key component of effective sales training for financial advisors. Being able to jump around a fact-finding interview and navigate the conversation while getting all the information you need is a next level skill set.

The best advisors have no problem asking questions. They know that by asking good questions, they can better understand their client’s needs and concerns. By learning more about those needs and concerns, they can then present solutions that are in the best interest of their clients.

To ensure your success, the best sales training program would let you in on the questions you should be asking throughout your sales process to uncover your prospects’ pain points and real challenges, which are why they should buy from you.

A Short Note About Handling Objections

How you handle a prospect’s objection to your proposal, product or service separates the winners from the losers.

In this section of the course, you will learn how to handle some of the most common objections you may have to deal with as a financial advisor and how to overcome them. 

For example:

  • Having no money – You’ll learn how to overcome this objection by demonstrating your value and how you can help them improve their situation.
  • They already have an advisor – You’ll learn how to overcome this objection with three simple points to make them feel confident about getting a second opinion from you. .

Bottom line: Understanding your client’s needs is key to selling easily. And that’s what this part of your training would address – getting beyond the stereotypes and the confusion and ensuring that your clients get what they want and need.

A process for uncovering every possible sale opportunity

In addition to the  sales process outlined above, you need a repeatable process for uncovering every possible sale opportunity. By this, I mean that you must have a set of tools and techniques you can leverage to become a facilitator of solutions, not a salesperson. 

Here is the thing:

While asking for a prospect’s business may feel scary to you, try looking at it from their perspective: they’re afraid of giving their money away to a stranger who might be trying to sell them something they don’t need!

And that’s why your ability to understand why your prospect is doing what they are doing and find ways to optimize it to their benefit is crucial – this is often the deciding factor in whether or not a prospect hires you.

That’s why the Taylor Method is golden – you’ll learn how to get into your prospects’ mindsets, understand their pains and challenges, and craft solutions to help them reach their goals. Once you’ve done that, all that’s left is for them to take the next step and give you their business!

An Irresistible Close – Presenting solutions that get clients to act

Closing deals is hard work, but it doesn’t have to be stressful or intimidating if you know what to say and do when it comes time to close a deal. This essential element of sales training teaches you exactly how to get your client into the buying mood so that closing becomes a breeze instead of an uphill battle.

It’s as simple as that – no long talk. And if you’ve done a good job of prospecting, fact finding, and uncovering sale opportunities, the close is a foregone conclusion. It’s not about if they will buy, but how much, and when.

Final Thoughts

The most effective sales training for financial advisors teaches you how to fill your pipeline with prospects, engage with your clients, build rapport and trust, and ultimately sell them on your services. 

You want to be able to illustrate how your products and services can help your clients without them feeling like they’re being sold something. It’s not about finding a way to trick people into buying things they don’t need; it’s about helping people find a solution that works for them.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your sales skills and make more money as a financial advisor, then the Taylor Method is what you seek!


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Eszylfie Taylor is the founder and president of Taylor Insurance and Financial Services and the Creator of The Taylor Method, his online sales system for financial advisors. He attended Concordia University on a basketball scholarship and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. Prior to founding his own brokerage, he was a standout financial advisor at New York Life, finishing his career there as the highest producing advisor in the history of the African American market.

Mr. Taylor has been a Million Dollar Round Table Top of the Table producer since 2011, which places him in the top 1% of advisors worldwide. In 2015, he was the recipient of NAIFA’s Advisor Today Top 4 Under Forty award. Today, as an active advisor, he continues to build on the sales language, concepts, and tips that contribute to the curriculum on The Taylor Method.